Erase those tapes!

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I was 24 when I graduated from college. Young, wild and highly educated. Honestly, I thought I was the bee’s knees for sure! For my first job I had to leave my home and move to small town in the English country side. I didn’t think I would stay very long so I rented a room in a very big house consisting of 12 bedrooms with a shared kitchen and social rooms. There were Bolton CCTV cameras in all communal spaces, for our safety it stated. It turned out all 12 rooms where rented out to an international crowed of people just like me. Three German young men, one of them was on a one man mission to bed every girl in the house and soon also the entire town. There was an Australian couple where the girl looked a bit like a brown eyed Barbie doll and the rest young English people all newly arrived in this little country town. And then there was me. Now, I can tell you something, we shocked that little country town so deeply I’m not sure it has recovered yet. Years later I did hear that a national TV broadcaster tried to purchase the recorded security tapes, but an unknown individual with an Australian accent managed to break into the house and erase the tapes.

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